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"Rethinking Science as a Career"
by S. Tobias and D. Chubin (1995)

Ever since the projected shortfall of science and mathematics Ph.Ds evaporated in the early 1990s, the science and mathematics communities have been debating how to cope with the imbalance between supply and demand of science and mathematics Ph.Ds.

Numerous national reports have called for a "broadening" of the training of professional scientists and mathematicians, usually in conjunction with the traditional Ph.D programs.

Yet, listings of "alternate careers," the publication of "survival guides," and numerous national meetings have not alleviated the problem. Nor has there been any significant reduction either in the number of Ph.D programs or in the numbers of students admitted.

The non-incidental (i.e., terminal or professional) master's degree in mathematics and the sciences is emerging as a possible alternative to the Ph.D, first in the areas of applied, financial, and industrial mathematics, now at the initiative of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, in the sciences as well.

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