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 Program Credit Requirements:

The Pro-MS Program has a rigorous set of requirements for the course type, number, and credits. Specifically,

  • total credits: 41 (with 40 from formal coursework)
  • at least 12 credits must be at the 2000 level or higher, but no more than 12 credits taken at 1000 level, and no course numbered below 1000 may be applied toward graduation requirements
  • students are required to get a B grade or higher for credits to be applied toward graduation requirements

 Specific Goals of the Pro-M.S. Degree in GIS/RS:

The goal of this program is to train a new class of professionals with strong scientific and geospatial qualifications, as well as managerial and business skills. These professionals occupy leadership positions in corporations that run extensive scientific operations or whose activities are affected by advances in technology. These future leaders and skilled professionals require analytical skills beyond what is offered by traditional curricula at the bachelor's or Master's level.

The Department of Geology and Planetary Science created the M.S. program quickly and efficiently based on the stengeth of its well-established undergraduate certificate and internship connections to local/regional/national industries. We are attracting students from corporate sources, undergraduate and non-traditional populations. The proposed courses and internships have been carefully combined to reflect the real-world requirements needed for careers in the geospatial sciences. The specific goals of the Internship Program are:

  • to solve a challenging problem using GIS/RS, becoming proficient in the software and data analysis
  • to prepare and edit a working project document
  • to present this history verbally
  • to digitally-publish these data/results on CDROM and the web

 General Program Rationale:

The broad-based goal of the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Initiative is to explore and, if successful, bring into being, a new type of two-year Professional Master's Degree in the Sciences that equips people for work outside academia. The programs now recruiting are of three kinds:

  • those that deepen a student's knowledge beyond what can be learned in a four-year course of study, but stay within a disciplinary domain
  • those that fuse scientific fields at a level of depth and complexity hard for undergraduates to achieve; in many cases, the fusion may be with computer or information sciences
  • those that integrate study in the natural sciences and mathematics with knowledge and training in management, law, or other professional domains
 Further details on the Pro-M.S. Degree:

For more information, please email: Ms. Annemarie Vranesevic
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