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Pro-MS National News & Information

  • The Pro-MS webpages and program curriculum have been updated and slightly tweaked. Please keep an eye on these pages for further updates & changes.

  • National Professional Science Master's Association (NPSMA)

  • Science magazine feature stories related to the PSM degree. (Read more ...)

  • The National Research Council endorses the PSM and offers its recommendations. (Read more ...)

  • C&EN focuses on the growth in PSM programs. (Read more ...)

  • The Pro-MS Program Continues to Grow!

    The Professional Masters Program in GIS/RS within the Geology and Planetary Science Department continues to show strong improvement. The current enrollment of 10 students at the start of the thirteenth year of the program is an all-time high water mark. A total of 34 students have now successfully graduated the program and have moved on to careers in the GIS and RS fields. The new students, together with the updated computer laboratories, courses, and web pages bodes very well for the future success of the Pro-M.S. degree program in GIS and Remote Sensing

    To see the student profiles, click here.

    Renovations to the Pro-MS Facilities

    The Geology Department and the College of Arts and Sciences completed the extensive renovations to computer teaching facilities central to the Pro-M.S. program several years ago. Formerly chemistry laboratories, these rooms are now state of the art Windows-based computing facilities running the ArcGIS and ENVI software. The lastest renovations happened during the 2015-2016 academic year with the upgrade of all the computers to Windows 10 machines with wide-screen monitors.

    To see older the pictures of the renovations, click here.

    For more information, please email: Ms. Annemarie Vranesevic
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